絶滅危惧種の動物達の事をもっと知ってもらいたい、サポートしてもらいたいという思いから立ち上げたブランド SAMSARA。





SAMSARA is a brand that started with the ambition to let the world know about the endangered species on earth.

The word SAMSARA though has many in depth meanings and beliefs, originates from the Sanskrit word meaning the “cycle of life”, and is believed throughout many religions. It indicates that every living being on earth is all part of this cycle and thus is connected as one.

Our brand aspires to contribute to these precious creatures by donating 10% of our profit to the conservation of nature, animals, and the endangered animals on earth.

SAMSARA is donating 10% of profit to Japan Wildlife Center (JWC); a Japanese organization supporting wildlife conservation activities all over the world.